Monday, 18 March 2013

What did you eat, drink and do today?

It was just the kind of job to lift my heart  - interviewing a bunch of doctors about what they eat, drink and do in a day. It was like spying on other customers’ trolley contents in the supermarket checkout queue – something I always find extremely revealing.

So... the lady in the designer coat and shoes is having a cheese and ham Kiev for supper tonight! What is that? Suddenly, despite the hole in my jeans, the mud on my boots, and the lack of make up on my face, I feel hugely superior about the contents of my trolley – but will my Heyford wholemeal loaf, President butter, and Twinings green tea draw sneers of derision from the person behind me?

While writing this piece I found out that my osteopath has been addicted to Ribena and that the only alcohol he can tolerate is Bailey’s – diluted down with milk. Hmmmm!

I also learned that a respected media medic never eats breakfast and always has at least one bar of Cadbury’s milk every day...

And that a top medical professor always skips lunch – but still manages to run several miles a day...

What we eat and when we eat it is utterly fascinating to me.  But noting what we eat can also tell us a lot about where we are going wrong with our diets. Take last Saturday, for example. I ate porridge for breakfast, with blueberries and maple syrup. Then for lunch I had some home made chicken and vegetable soup. It was substantial but around 6.0’clock I was starving and ate quite a lot of cheese and a couple of black pepper Rivitas with butter.

Then my husband poured me a glass of wine, and cooked steamed halibut with chilli and ginger stir-fried greens and mushrooms for dinner.

Apart from the cheese and Ryvita binge, and the two glasses of wine, it was looking like a healthy day. But then Steve produced his dark chocolate roulade, oozing with cream. And I had two portions. And a very large glass of Baileys... Why do we do it?!